St George Private Hospital
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Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

At St George Private Hospital our plastic & reconstructive specialists provide a comprehensive range of surgical services. They offer cosmetic surgery for the face, body and breast to patients who electively choose to undergo surgery. However, they also offer plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients that have faced trauma or disease, such as breast cancer, or have health conditions as a result of the size or appearance of body part, for example chronic back pain due to breast size.

Our surgeons appreciate and understand the human element that comes with cosmetic & reconstructive surgery and are true pioneers in their field, travelling abroad and attending conferences to keep on top of the latest surgical developments.

The surgical equipment, back-up support of a large ICU, combined with a caring and experienced nursing team makes St George Private a place of choice for patients undergoing cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Procedures

Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Specialists