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Our Maternity Unit

The place for your new beginnings
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Our Maternity Unit

Everyday 5 babies are born at St George Private Hospital! From conception to delivery we put our parents-to-be at the centre of their own maternity care; empowering them to make key decisions about their birthing experience. Our emphasis is on safety and quality as well as ensuring a comfortable, enjoyable and memorable birthing experience.

Our team of Obstetricians, Midwives, Anesthetist’s, Sonographers, Breastfeeding Specialists, Physiotherapists and Paediatricians ensure competent and comprehensive care for you and your baby.

The Maternity Unit at St George Private

  • 6 modern birthing rooms, each with a large ensuite including bath and shower facilities.
  • 23 Private Maternity ward rooms with private ensuite
  • Special Care Nursery for babies delivered after 34 weeks
  • Education Classes

The Hospital License approves St George Private Hospital to provide maternity services and admit mothers who are after 34 weeks gestation and of low to moderate risk. The Hospital is not able to provide maternity services to mothers less than 34 weeks gestation. However in these circumstances your private Obstetrician will make alternative arrangements for your care. In the event that you require maternity services and are less than 34 weeks gestation, we recommend you contact your Obstetrician or the Hospital for advice. Your Obstetrician will discuss options with you which will include your transfer to another facility for ongoing care.

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