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Robotic Surgery

Cutting Edge Robotic Technology at No Extra Cost

Robotic surgery continues to shape the way in which surgical procedures are performed across Australia. It is widely accepted as an advanced form of minimally invasive surgery resulting in a faster recovery allowing patients to return to work and their regular daily activities more quickly, whilst experiencing reduced pain and an improved cosmetic result due to small incisions resulting in less scarring.

The latest version of the robot, the da Vinci Xi, is allowing our highly skilled specialists to enhance their surgical capabilities to provide improved control, precision and movements. This latest generation of da Vinci Xi robot is only available at St George Private in Sydney’s SouthEast.

All private patients proceeding with surgery, whether that be through the robotic approach, laparoscopically or the traditional open approach, are required to pay usual doctors’ fees, anaesthetist fees and hospital fees, where applicable. However, when robotic assisted surgery was initially introduced this new technology came with an extra cost to cover the consumables required, often making this surgical approach out of reach for patients. However, St George Private is thrilled to make this innovative technology available to all patients at no extra cost, allowing our surgeons to choose the appropriate surgical approach for each patient without the underlying concern of an extra expense that they might not be able to afford.