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Bariatric Surgery 

Bariatric Surgery and St George Private Hospital

Obesity is a major health care problem and one of the most frequent causes of preventable death in Western countries in the 21st century. Bariatric surgery is the only current treatment that has been shown to achieve major and durable weight loss, which can lead to total or partial control of a wide range of common and serious diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and hypertension according to a Medical Journal of Australia report.

St George Private is Australia’s highest volume bariatric hospital and strongly recognised as a leader in bariatric surgery.

It is also Australia’s first internationally accredited Centre of Bariatric Excellence – as recognised by the Surgical Review Corporation, which accredits Centres of Excellence around the world.

Our hospital performs more than 1,400 bariatric procedures every year, with many patients resolving or significantly reducing obesity-related issues after surgery.  


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