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Antenatal Classes

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Antenatal Classes

We are thrilled to announce the new launch of our St George Private childbirth and parenting classes in partnership with Birth Beat. We are focused on providing you with access to quality, online childbirth education. We have also added a mandarin language option to ensure we are catering to all our Mums at St George.

Your online St George Private program provides a comprehensive online childbirth and parenting course delivered directly to you by Registered Midwives and connects you with other parents planning to birth at St George Private at a similar time to you.

The course provides practical, evidence-based information to help you prepare for labour and birth, through to early parenthood. You will discover everything you need to know about how to have your best birth and all the support you need for your early parenting journey.

The course includes instant access for 12 months to;

  • Prenatal yoga, meditation and relaxation
  • Understanding your body and the three stages of labour
  • Pain relief options, birth positions and exercises to make your labour more comfortable
  • Breathing and Pushing in labour and what to expect
  • C-Section births and epidurals
  • Inductions of labour
  • Looking after your newborn and yourself, breastfeeding, sleep and settle
  • Bonus Birth stories and videos

The course is suited to your lifestyle - learn at your own pace, from your own home. Access over 12 hours of video content, downloadable guide and checklists. Connect with a group of other parents birthing at St George Private and receive live Q&A support from Registered Midwives.

This is the childbirth and parenting course you need to do so you can prepare for your birth at St George Private Hospital. We recommend joining this course anywhere from 12 weeks onwards. You receive 12 months of access to the course so that you can re-watch as many times as needed to feel prepared.

Private health insurance health rebates apply and you will be sent an invoice when you join to claim what your insurer.

Any questions please reach out to

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