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Antenatal Classes

Trusted advice and guidance throughout
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Antenatal Classes

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If you require any further information regarding any of our classes, please contact our Maternity Liaison Officer on (02) 9598 5360 or Maternity Reception on (02) 9598 5172.

Childbirth & Parenting Education Program

This education program is recommended for first time Mum’s and Dad’s or as a refresher for those who need it. The program will prepare you emotionally and physically for pregnancy, labour, birth and your early parenting experience. Our educators aim to ensure you and your partner feel confident and informed about pregnancy, labour and parenting. The childbirth and parenting education program works through a number of topics, these include labour preparation, parenting and breastfeeding.

Optional formats include:

4 week program, held every Tuesday 7.00pm - 9.00pm, costs $340.00 per couple


1 Day Program, Saturday 8.30am-4.30pm, costs $350.00 per couple

Labour Education

To prepare you for labour, education, tips and tricks are provided from an experienced midwife. The added maternity tour will make you familiar of the birthing and delivery suite, when the day arrives to have your baby you will be able to take comfort of being in a familiar setting.

What is covered?

  • When to come to hospital
  • Strategies and support to work with labour
  • Symptoms to be concerned about
  • Induction of Labour Normal labour and your birth
  • When self-help techniques are not enough
  • Medical alternatives for pain relief
  • Unexpected outcomes
  • Variations of labour
  • Complications of birth
  • Maternity tour

Parenting and Breastfeeding Education

To enable parents to enjoy their postnatal and early parenting experience, by having confidence and understanding of the issues involved, develop an understanding of the demands of a new baby at home and strategies to help you both cope.

What is covered?

  • The importance of breastfeeding your baby
  • The advantages of breastfeeding
  • The importance of Dad's and breastfeeding
  • The challenges around breastfeeding and how to overcome these
  • How to recognise a hungry baby
  • Correct positioning and attachment when breastfeeding
  • The first few days in hospital-what to expect from your baby
  • Parenting the first few days
  • Your recovery in hospital
  • Caring for yourself and your newborn; including nappy changing, wrapping, bathing and burping
  • Sleep and Settling Techniques
  • Baby blues and Post-natal depression
  • Where to go for advice when you bring your baby home
  • Changing relationships and the importance of communication

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Active Birth Class

Our active birth class is recommended for first time parents who have attended the childbirth and parenting program, or for those experienced parents who may want further support for their next birth.

In our active birth class, you and your support person will have an hour of hands on practice with the use of non-medicated pain relief techniques. The class will begin with a short power point presentation, with the majority of the class spent practicing.

What is covered?

  • Massage techniques
  • Visualisation in labour
  • Vocalisation and chanting
  • Relaxation in labour
  • Movement
  • Positioning
  • Positive thinking
  • Support and encouragement from support person

Active birth classes are held in the evening from 7.00pm to 9.00pm, cost is $65 per couple.

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Caesarean Section Class

Our caesarean section class is recommended for first time parents who have attended the childbirth and parenting program, or for those experienced parents who may want further support for their expected caesarean birth.

What is covered?

  • Reasons for Caesarean Section
  • Role of the support person
  • What to expect from the time of your admission to your stay in the postnatal ward
  • Anaesthetics and post-natal analgesia (pain relief)
  • Unexpected outcomes
  • Signs of labour
  • Your post-natal stay
  • Managing at home

Caesarean Section Classes are held in the evening from 7pm to 9.00pm, cost is $65 per couple.

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Grandparents to Be Class

There have been many changes in how we care for women in pregnancy and labour along with how new parents care and nurture their baby since your own baby was born. Our grandparent to be class provides an opportunity for you to prepare for the arrival of your new grandchild.

What is covered?

  • How parenting has changed since you were a new mum or dad
  • Recognising and managing postnatal depression and anxiety
  • Resources in the community to help new parents
  • A refresher on wrapping, nappy changing, burping and bathing babies. A practical lesson!
  • How to settle baby to sleep
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) guidelines
  • The advantages and challenges of breastfeeding
  • Time for questions and discussion

Please note: This class is designed and formatted for Grandparents ONLY. Expecting mothers are to book and attend their own Antenatal class.

Grandparent to Be Classes are held in the evening from 7pm to 9pm. Cost is $45 per person.

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Mandarin Antenatal Class

Our Mandarin antenatal classes cover a number of topics relating to childbirth and parenting.

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