St George Private Hospital
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Paediatric Sleep Studies Unit

St George Private Hospital’s Paediatric Sleep Studies Unit was established by Dr Jim Papadopoulos in 2003. Our unit offers a complete suite of Paediatric Sleep Laboratory services. Our recent ASA / NATA accreditation for Sleep Disorders Services is your guarantee of excellence second to none.

Dr Papadopoulos is one of Australia's leading sleep medicine physicians and is widely known for his work with sleep studies in children, and in particular children with special needs. In 2003 he became the first prospectively accredited Level 2 Paediatric sleep physician in Australasia. Jim works along several specialists including Paediatric and ENT specialists to meet the array of problems associated with sleep conditions.

The multidisciplinary expert staff in our unit have extensive experience in performing the most complex sleep studies for the most challenging children. Our unit accepts all paediatric cases including toddlers under a year of age and the full spectrum of special needs children.

View of video below to meet the team and find out more about the service.