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Adult Sleep Studies Unit

St George Private Sleep laboratory has now been providing excellence in Sleep Medicine investigation to the St George district and beyond for over 20 years. We conduct both diagnostic and treatment studies, titrating and examining the efficacy of CPAP, dental devices and other therapies. For the convenience of our patients, the 3-bed laboratory currently operates five nights per week.

Sleep complaints continue to represent a major issue in primary care and specialist practice. Their increasing role in patients with a variety of other disorders, particularly cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and coexisting with other respiratory diseases, frequently makes their early diagnosis of paramount importance.

It is well recognized that structural problems with conventional specialist practice can lead to a delay in diagnosis and management. For patients with a high pre-test probability of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, based on your structured clinical evaluation, direct referral for a sleep study followed by specialist consultation is a more efficient, valid and cost effective clinical pathway. Our network of sleep physicians can provide efficient follow up and advice regarding the most appropriate form of therapy.

Our Sleep Laboratory offers a direct referral system for sleep studies. This will allow more rapid diagnosis and treatment for patients who have private health insurance.

Our friendly and expert staff will provide your patients with a pleasant and efficient service, with results sent directly to you in a timely fashion.

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For GPs:

If you wish to take advantage of this direct referral process, please fax back the referral pad request form below and we will send you a hard copy of our referral pad. Alternatively you can save and print the downloadable sleep study referral form below.

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