St George Private Hospital
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A Guide To Day Of Surgery Admission Centre

We have streamlined the admission and pre-surgery process to ensure that from the time that you arrive; you are receiving the best of care and attention in the most comfortable surroundings. 

In most circumstances, patients who come to St George Private will be admitted into hospital through our Day of Surgery Admission Centre – or DOSA.

What is DOSA?

The Day of Surgery Admission Centre is a relatively new concept in care which was designed to ensure a streamlined, comfortable experience for the admission of our patients.

The DOSA team provide specialty pre-surgery care, working with the surgical and recovery teams to ensure that all aspects of your care is managed as professionally and efficiently as possible.

Opened in March 2007, the DOSA Centre facilitates the admission and care of 30-40 patients each day into St George Private’s 12 operating theatres and features:

  • A dedicated reception area and nurses station
  • Modern, comfortable armchairs in the lounge and 3 comfortable recliners
  • TV and newspapers
  • Private consultation rooms
  • 6 pre-operative beds

Arriving On Your Day Of Your Surgery

When you arrive at St George Private Hospital – your first stop is at the Hospital’s Reception desk located in the Main Foyer.

DOSA is located on the ground floor of the Hospital, on the same level as the Main Hospital reception and Day Surgery.

You will be escorted to DOSA where you will be admitted by a nurse who will review your medical history, take and record your vital signs, answer any questions you may have and prepare you for your operation.  You will also be assessed by an Anaesthetist prior to your surgery.

The Lounge

The nurse may ask you to get changed into a gown and direct you to a bed or to the lounge where you can relax in comfortable and quiet surroundings.

Please note: Patients are admitted according to the order of the doctors operating list.  Even though operating lists are carefully planned, emergencies can occur and the order of the list is sometimes changed.

Pre-operative preparation

Just before you are due to go theatre, you will be taken to a bed ready for transfer to the operating suite.

Your clothing and other belongings will be stored under your bed until you get to your room, so it is important that you do not bring anything large or valuable with you.

Your operation and recovery

You will be taken to theatre on your bed. You will be put back onto this bed after your operation and taken to the Recovery Unit. When you are stable enough, you will be taken from the Recovery Unit to your room on the ward.

Your Questions Answered

  1. Can I check into my room before coming to DOSA and surgery?

    In most cases your room will not be available until after your surgery as patients may still be in the room awaiting discharge. You will be taken to your room from the Recovery Unit.

  2. Where can I store my clothing and items I need for my stay in hospital?

    Your belongings will be delivered to your room by hospital porters so please try and bring small bags with you. You will return to the same bed after your operation and will be taken to the Recovery Unit before you are taken to your room, so your belongings will be with you, but not secured.

    We find that most people have their support people or visitors bring most of the items needed for hospital stay after surgery.

    We recommend that you leave your valuables at home or with your support person or visitors.

  3. What do I bring with me on admission into DOSA?

    We advise you not to bring anything valuable like jewellery or money as there is limited storage space and no secure storage available in the DOSA Lounge. You can bring items like books, hobbies or personal music and entertainment systems.

    IMPORTANT: If you are taking any medications please bring them with you in their original packaging.

  4. How long will I wait before my surgery?

    Your Surgeon decides the time he wants you to come to hospital.  The length of time you have to wait before surgery will depend on the length of time the patient operation prior to yours takes. This can vary depending on the type of surgery. Admission times are staggered as best we can with consideration of your Doctor’s preferences.

    There are 12 operating theatres at St George Private and patients will be admitted depending on their place on their list. Please be assured that you have not been forgotten. The nursing staff will be concentrating on preparing patients who are going to theatre next.

    Please be prepared to wait between 2-6 hours for your surgery. The nursing staff will aim to make this wait as comfortable as possible we can offer you newspapers, DVDs, warm blankets and keep you informed as requested.

  5. How long will my surgery take?

    This will depend on the type of surgery you are having, but if your surgery takes at least 1 hour, you will also spend 1-2 hours in the Recovery Unit before going to your room on the ward.

  6. Can I bring food and drinks into DOSA?

    No. As you are preparing for a surgical procedure, you will not be able to eat anything beforehand. Accordingly there is no food or drink allowed in DOSA. Please refer to your pre-admission handbook for further information.

  7. Your support person

    Most people arrive at DOSA with a support person. To maintain safety, patient confidentiality, privacy and comfort for our patients, we allow only 1 support person per patient.

    Your support person is welcome to sit in the reception area. Please advise your support person to check with the reception staff on your postoperative bed allocation. They do not need to go back into the DOSA Centre.

    If your support person prefers to leave the hospital while you are having your operation, please remind them that they need to check with the nurse before leaving the hospital to ensure we have their contact details should we need to contact them for further information about you.

  8. How will visitors know where to find me?
    The hospital has a patient tracking system and this is updated every time you go to a different location. All staff can access this information to answer queries regarding your location in the hospital.