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Pre Admission

Preparing for your Admission

We are committed to providing patients with the highest standards of care. Throughout your stay, from pre admission to discharge, you will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

After you have completed admission forms (online / hard copy), you may be contacted by telephone prior to the day you are admitted to hospital by a pre admission nurse to discuss your admission in further detail.

Your Doctor will explain your procedure or operation, they will also complete a double sided consent form with you.

Pre Admission Clinics (On –site or via telephone

You may be asked to attend a preadmission clinic or contacted by the Hospital pre admission Nurse prior to your admission, the nurse will discuss your hospital stay with you, your upcoming operation / procedure, previous surgical and medical history, what to bring to hospital and any other concerns you may have. The preadmission nurse will not discuss your admission time to hospital, please call your doctor’s office for this.  Discharge planning will also be discussed at this time e.g. who will care for you at home on discharge. If you are attending a clinic at St George Private Hospital, you are welcome to being a relative or friend for support.

Day of Admission

Hospital Admission Time

Your Doctors room will inform you of your required admission time to hospital and the time you are to begin fasting.

Fasting Time

This is a period of time, prior to your operation, when you will have a restricted diet or not be allowed to eat or drink (including water). This time is determined by your Anaesthetist or Surgeon and is related to factors such as your age and the type of operation you will be having. It is imperative that fasting times be observed for your safety during your operation. If you have any questions about your fasting times please check with your doctor or contact the hospital.

Day of Admission to Hospital

Please shower with soap on the day of admission, before coming into hospital. Please wear clean clothes and clean non slip shoes.

Day Only Stay

If you are coming into hospital as a day only patient (no overnight stay) then there are a couple of important things to note.

  • Wear garments that are comfortable and easy to remove
  • Check with your nurse before informing relatives / friends regarding the time that you should be picked up
  • Be prepared to spend the entire day at hospital, bring along a book, magazine or crossword puzzles to pass time.

The major effects of your anaesthetic or sedation wear off quickly, however minor effects on memory, balance and muscle function may persist for some hours. These effects vary from person to person and are not individually predictable. Because of this please note the following:

  • You are not permitted to drive for at least 24 hours after a general anaesthetic or sedation.
  • A responsible person must be available to transport you home in a suitable vehicle. A train or bus is usually not suitable.
  • A responsible person must be available to stay at least overnight following discharge from the Day Surgery Unit. This person must be physically and mentally able to make decisions for you if necessary.  
  • You must have ready access to a telephone in the post-operative dwelling
  • You must remain within 1 hour of appropriate medical attention until the morning after discharge
  • You should not operate machinery or make any important decisions for at least 24 hours after your anaesthetic.

Overnight Stay

For patients staying overnight at hospital, please visit the `Your Stay section of this website. Information includes the services and facilities that are available to you during your stay such as internet access, telephone use, televisions and visiting hours.

Important Points for the Day of Admission to Hospital

Please bring with you into hospital anything applicable to your admission including:

  • Doctor’s admission letter
  • Consent form (if not already returned to the hospital)
  • Health fund number / details (if applicable)
  • Medicare card
  • Regular medications in original packaging
  • Pension health benefits card (if applicable)
  • Pharmaceutical benefits card (if applicable)
  • Relevant x-rays and / or test results
  • For a child - favourite toy, formula, bottle and any special dietary needs (if applicable)
  • Children may go to the procedure/theatre in their own pyjamas. These pyjamas must be cotton or cotton interlock with button through/loose                 fitting tops
  • Comfortable and clean closed in shoes/slippers with non-slip soles
  • Night attire (if staying overnight)
  • Toiletries
  • Aides such as walking sticks, hearing aides or glasses
  • Personal articles i.e. Sanitary pads (if applicable)
  • Method for settling your account
  • Certified copy of advanced health directive or enduring power of attorney (if available)
  • please do not bring valuables as the hospital will not be liable for any loss 

    DO NOT:

  • Smoke cigarettes or chew gum
  • Wear jewellery. A wedding ring and watch are permitted
  • Bring valuables i.e. mobile phones and large amounts of cash. Mobile phones can interfere with some medical devices and may not be able to be used whilst in Hospital
  • Wear make-up or nail polish


If you are feeling unwell (e.g. cold / flu) and are unsure if you are well enough for your procedure, please contact your treating doctor or GP for advice before admission.

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