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St George Private Hospital, Kareena Private Hospital specialist Steven Lindstrom

Dr Steven Lindstrom

MBBS(Hons, Syd), FRACP

Dr Lindstrom is an Infectious Diseases Physician.

Dr Lindstrom is an Infectious Diseases Physician with an interest in all facets of respiratory medicine, sleep medicine and general infectious diseases. He has been a Senior Consultant Specialist in the Department of Respiratory & Sleep Medicine at St George Public Hospital since 2002 and also is a Director of the St George Private Sleep Laboratory.

Dr Lindstrom has been providing specialist services within St George Private Hospital since 1998.

Respiratory, Sleep and Infectious Diseases

Consults at :

Dr Lindstrom also has rooms in Miranda. Address is Suite 12, 468 Kingsway, Miranda (Cnr Kareena Rd and the Kingsway)