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Starting on your cancer treatment pathway

For most people, a General Practitioner (GP) is the first health professional you will see if you are worried about a sign or symptom of cancer.  

Your GP plays a critical role in assessing your symptoms, undertaking initial investigations, and referring you on to a cancer specialist who will confirm your diagnosis and oversee your treatment.

For a personalised and holistic cancer care experience, ask your GP to refer you to a cancer specialist at St George Private Hospital. You can find a list of specialists who treat your type of cancer at St George Private Hospital in our directory.

The first cancer specialist that you are referred to may be a surgeon, a medical oncologist or a haematologist, depending on the type of cancer you have and your initial test results.

You will see your specialist in their private consulting rooms which may be located at St George Private Hospital or in a nearby building. You may need to undergo additional tests or procedures to confirm your diagnosis. 

Most cancer specialist at St George Private Hospital are part of a multidisciplinary team. Your specialist will discuss your test results and diagnosis with the team, and they will work together to determine the best treatment and supportive care plan for you.