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St George Private Hospital specialist Dinesh Patel

Dr Dinesh Patel


Urological Surgeon with interests in the management of prostate cancer, robotic surgery and prostatic obstruction. Extensive experience in minimally invasive kidney stone treatment.

Dr Dinesh Patel is a surgeon with a clinical focus in the management of adult urinary tract conditions. His main areas of interest are the diagnosis and management of prostate cancer, male urinary problems due to prostate enlargement, and kidney stones.  He also looks after many individuals with other urological conditions including kidney and bladder cancer, urinary difficulties and urinary tract infections.

Dinesh has been in specialist practice for over 16 years and has extensive experience and expertise in performing many urological procedures, including complex cancer surgery, with excellent outcomes. As a qualified robotics surgeon, he utilises the very latest robotic technology at St George Private Hospital, the da Vinci Xi system. The Xi robot, in conjunction with many years of experience in treating prostate cancer, ensures that his patients achieve the best possible results from radical prostatectomy.

In addition to operating at St George Private, Dr Patel is the Head of Urology at Canterbury Hospital, and is also a Visiting Medical Officer (VMO) at Bankstown Hospital and the Kidney Stone Treatment Unit at Prince of Wales Hospital.

Dinesh provides a personalised approach for his patients, taking into account their individual needs and circumstances. He is always open and honest in his advice to patients, ensuring that all management and treatment options are discussed and understood. His patients can be confident that they are receiving the best care available.

"I believe that surgical excellence is not just about performing surgery to the highest possible standard. It's also about providing ethical and sound advice and support for my patients, so that the best possible outcome is achieved".

Robotic radical prostatectomy, transperineal and "fusion technology" prostate biopsy, minimally invasive surgery for prostatic obstruction (REZUM and urolift procedures), laparoscopic kidney cancer surgery, minimally invasive kidney stone treatment (shockwave and laser stone surgery), bladder cancer resection and surveillance, vasectomy, adult circumcision, male urinary incontinence - "atoms" adjustable continence device and second opinions

Consults at :

Specialist Consulting Suites, Sydney Southwest Private Hospital, 40 Bigge St, LIVERPOOL