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The Luxe Way


The Luxe Way - A premium service offered to all of our patients

  • Guaranteed 4 night stay in your own private room with 24 hour access to experienced midwives following a normal natural birth and 5 night stay following a caesarean birth.
  • High Tea - A complimentary high tea is offered for you to enjoy with your partner and visitors. You will have the choice of which day you would like to receive your high tea, allowing you to plan a small celebration with your loved ones.
  • Complimentary education classes for you to attend after the birth of your baby, these classes aim to empower, promote and educate you on infant feeding, bath bathing and parenting skills during your hospital stay.
  • A general care nursery is available for use overnight to provide you with `time out’ overnight if requested.
  • Facilities for your partner or support person to stay with you for the entirety of your stay, complimentary hot breakfast*
  • All baby needs supplied includes nappies, wipes, bedding, bunny rug and infant formula if needed.
  • New beginning show case pack filled with small gifts for you and your baby
  • Access to on call lactation consultants during your admission on the Maternity Ward.
  • 24 hour access to a patient pantry, filled with fresh fruit, savoury snacks and light refreshments for you and your partner to enjoy. The pantry is also available for you to share with your visitors whilst you celebrate the new addition to your family.
  • 24 hour access to an experienced midwife via telephone after discharge to help answer any queries that you may have once home with your baby
  • Antenatal education classes*
  • Access to a private photographer to capture precious early memories of your new baby*
  • Access to on-site baby CPR classes hosted by CPR Kids*

* Please note there is a cost involved for this service which may not be covered by your health fund

To ensure that your stay with us is as personable and streamlined as possible we now have a Maternity Liaison Office to be your point of contact throughout, from your point of bookings through to your hospital admission.