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St George Private Hospital achieves prestigious Centre of Excellence accreditation

Dec 18, 2023

St George Private Hospital, in Sydney’s south, will continue operating as a Bariatric Centre of Excellence after retaining accreditation by the prestigious international Surgical Review Corporation.

St George Private, Australia’s highest volume bariatric hospital, was the first internationally accredited Centre of Bariatric Excellence in 2012 and has consistently maintained its accreditation.

The St George Private Hospital bariatric unit was established in 1998 by Dr Ken Loi, Dr Vytauras Kuzinkovas, Dr Michael Talbot and Dr John Jorgenson. The unit now has 10 bariatric surgeons and a team of specialised bariatric nurses performing more than 1,400 procedures each year.

Dr Kuzinkovas said the accreditation was a “tremendous honour and a validation of our commitment to providing exceptional care.”

“It underscores our commitment to excellence in healthcare and distinguishes us as a trusted provider in the field of bariatric surgery,” Dr Kuzinkovas said.

“For patients, it signifies they are receiving care at a facility that adheres to the most rigorous standards in bariatric surgery. This recognition assures them that their well-being is our top priority.”

Dr Talbot said he was proud that the team’s years of hard work and training was again being recognised by international experts.

“St George Private was the first hospital in Australia and New Zealand to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence, over a decade ago.” Dr Talbot said. “This same team has maintained the same level of care for patients receiving Metabolic Bariatric Surgery since then. This means our safety systems and, just as importantly, our personal care systems have been reviewed and found to be at the highest standard.”

Dr Jorgensen explained that team was continually striving towards better and safer care.

“It’s in the DNA of all staff,” he said. “We’re all dedicated to ethical and quality outcomes and providing patients with the best possible evidence-based care.”

Dr Kuzinkovas commended the whole team involved in providing Bariatric Services at St George Private Hospital.

“The support team is exceptional. Our nurses, anaesthetists and all staff play a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless and patient-centred experience,” he said. “Their commitment to excellence, compassion, and teamwork contributes significantly to the overall success of our bariatric program. Their dedication is truly commendable.”

To obtain a designation as a Centre of Excellence, a hospital must undertake a rigorous review process.

The Surgical Review Corporation describes these hospitals as supplying “a high concentration of expertise in a particular area of medicine, delivering excellent care and the best patient outcomes possible.”