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St George Private Hospital surgeon helps draft new international bariatric surgery guidelines

Nov 18, 2022

St George Private Hospital Consulting Bariatric Surgeon, Dr Ken Loi, has played an important role in re-writing the international weight loss surgery guidelines, more than 30 years since they were last updated.

The bariatric surgery guidelines act as clinical guides on the identification, evaluation and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults. 

Dr Loi said he was part of a group of 24 surgeons from around the world who worked together to update the guidelines. 

“I worked with many active surgeons and physicians from all over the world with a lot of experience in academics,” Dr Loi said.

“We examined the benefits and risks of surgery and amended the criteria to suggest surgery was suitable for those with a BMI of 35, down from 40, or a BMI of 30-35 for those with metabolic disease.

“This update also includes indications and safety information regarding obesity surgery for the older and adolescent populations, and gives evidence on how it can be used as a bridging procedure for those requiring other procedures including joint replacement, hernia surgery and organ transplants.”

“Bariatric surgery is designed to resolve or control metabolic diseases such as diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension and high cholesterol. It is designed to improve overall quality of life.

I am so grateful to have contributed to this significant article that will help to shape bariatric surgery for the next decade or more.

Dr Loi is the president elect of IFSO-APC (International Federation of Surgery for Obesity - Asian Pacific Chapter) and says this, combined with his 20 years of experience, led to his role in the guidelines review. 

“I have a firm handle on the latest evidence for bariatric surgery around the world and especially in Australia. 

“After starting in gastrointestinal surgery, I moved into bariatric surgery because it is a surgical field with fascinating science and is the most beneficial to help address the growing epidemic of obesity and obesity related diseases.

St George Private is Australia’s highest volume bariatric hospital performing more than 1,400 bariatric procedures every year. It is Australia’s first internationally accredited Centre of Bariatric Excellence – as recognised by the Surgical Review Corporation, which accredits Centres of Excellence around the world.