St George Private Hospital
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Free online news access for St George patients

Aug 30, 2019

Patients now have access to free online news during their stay at St George Private Hospital, as part of a new digital pilot program.

News Corp Australia papers will be available to all patients and visitors who connect to the WiFi at the hospital. 

Users can access local news from The Daily Telegraph as well as interstate news, through the Herald Sun, Gold Coast Bulletin, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser, NT News and Mercury. 

The catalyst for the new trial has been Ramsay Health Care’s commitment to improving the patient experience.

The pilot has been made possible following a nation-wide upgrade to the WiFi network across all Ramsay facilities. 

There are now 5,000 WiFi access points, which are 600 per cent faster; 230,000 connections are made to the WiFi network each month. 

Hard copy papers will still be made available for patients who prefer them.