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First Robotic Total Knee Replacement

Jun 26, 2018

St George Private are now offering patient’s Total Knee Replacement surgery using robotic-arm assisted technology. The new Stryker MAKO system is one of only three robotic services now available for joint replacement within the Sydney private hospital sector. This new service offering follows the introduction of robotic Partial Knee Replacement surgery performed at the facility last year.

Michele Robinson was the first patient in Sydney’s South-East to undergo a Total Knee Replacement using this new technology, performed by Orthopaedic specialist Dr George Kirsh.

Dr Kirsh said that the highly advanced surgeon controlled robotic arm enables you to accurately define, prepare and execute the positioning of the knee implant based on individual patient CT scans.

The MAKO allows for enhanced planning by using a three-dimensional view of the patient’s bone anatomy. The surgeon can then make intra-operative adjustments prior to preparing the bone for implant placement.

The total knee application is used during preparation for the implant creating a virtual boundary for the saw to assist the surgeon with the bone resection. This eliminates error, protecting essential structures of the knee and thus ensuring accuracy.

“I’m thrilled we can now offer patients a robotic option whether they require a partial or total knee replacement. Using the MAKO system can lead to quicker patient recovery and mobility as well as less pain.”

Patients who are interested in this surgery should contact their GP for a referral to a specialist trained in utilising the MAKO robotic system.


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St George Private Hospital:  First Robotic Total Knee Replacement