St George Private Hospital
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Information for Partners

During labour and birth we encourage partners to stay with the labouring women, to help this process we provide meals for the partner until the baby is born. Following the birth partners are welcome at all times, and may also stay overnight, some conditions do apply and this does incur a small charge.

Support People during Labour

Please advise your friends and family that no visiting is allowed whilst you are in the Delivery Suite. You may elect to have up to two support people with you during labour (your partner and one other). Please note that these two support people are not interchangeable during labour. Visitors are encouraged to wait until the next session of visiting hours.

Support People during a Caesarean Section

If you are having an elective (planned) caesarean section with an epidural, you will most likely be able to have one support person. However, this decision is dependent on your Doctor and the Anaesthetist. It is important for you to ask when you are planning your caesarean section. Should you require an emergency caesarean section your support person / partner may not be allowed to attend.