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St George Private - The Heart of Innovation
Feb 24, 2017
Cardiac patients are being given a new lease on life thanks to new innovations at St George Private Hospital, which will soon open a new look Cath Lab complete with set and forget heart devices (implanted while the patient is awake); and the ability to replace diseased heart valves without cutting the patient’s chest.

St George Private After Hours GP Service
Sep 23, 2016
Looking for a no-appointment-needed after hours GP? St George Private is delighted to announce its new After Hours GP Service – which will provide our local community with 27 local GPs engaged on a rotating roster.

Groundbreaking research provides new hope for St George Private patients
Sep 10, 2016
A ST GEORGE PRIVATE doctor has received international recognition in one of the world’s most respected medical journals for a spinal procedure that has been found to significantly help Australians in severe pain.

$11,000 ‘Cuddle Cot’ For St George Private September 1
Sep 01, 2016
“For anyone who has had a stillborn baby, the hardest part is watching everyone else walk out of hospital holding a newborn – while you leave clutching only a teddy bear,” says Chloe Stavlas, 33 who lost her baby at 37 weeks October last year.

St George Private a Cut Above
Jun 08, 2016
St George Private Hospital unveiled its multi-million dollar redevelopment this month, adding 35 new beds to the 280 bed facility; a new CCU renovation, a dedicated new oncology ward and three ultra-modern theatres.

St George Private Hospital opens new early pregnancy clinic
May 05, 2016
The Leader

St George Private Hospital has opened a new early pregnancy clinic to support women as they begin their journey into motherhood.


St George Private Hospital takes the pressure off spinal pain sufferers
Mar 31, 2016
St George Private Hospital is one of two hospitals in Australia that uses innovative medical technology for spinal surgery patients.


St George Private Spinal Surgeons: We’ve Got Your Back!
Sep 10, 2015
St George Private Hospital celebrates its 20th anniversary this year with a $36m renovation – including three new theatres soon to be completed, which will help accommodate the region’s growing number of patients with spinal issues.

One-Stop Heart Monitoring Shop for St George Private
Aug 25, 2015
MINIATURE heart devices implanted under the skin of the chest in just 45 seconds – are providing 24-hour monitoring for patients with potentially life-threatening heart conditions.

Doctors estimate 95 percent of children who suffer from sleep apnoea are never diagnosed
Feb 27, 2015
A Current Affair

St George Private Hospital’s Dr Zoran Becvarovski talks to A Current Affair about the growing incidence of sleep apnoea in Children.